Beginning July 1st, Fairfax County will increase the fees for land development services and zoning applications by 17.5%, part of a planned 35% total increase that will be fully implemented on July 1st, 2025.

Fees for residential dwelling units will increase from $1,900 to $2,150 on July 1st, reaching a total increase of 26 percent or $2,400 by 2025.

The Board of Supervisors approved these fee adjustments on April 16th and said these were the first significant fee increases since 2015 for land development services and since 2011 for zoning applications.

“The new fees will better align with the current costs of providing these services, which have risen due to increased personnel costs and other inflation-related factors,” says the Fairfax County website.

Fire Marshall fees will also increase beginning July 1st, 2024. The hourly rate for plan review, witnessed tests, and operational permits will increase by 15%, from $156 per hour to $180 per hour for plan review and witnessed tests. Operational permit fees will rise from $150 to $172.

The website states, “On July 1st, 2025, OFM will update their fees again with an 18% increase in fees for plan review and witnessed tests along with a 15% increase in operational permits. All fee changes will be applied in the fiscal year that the services were provided.”

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